At Studdard, we really do work every day to make sure that an otherwise stressful event is as easy and stress-free as possible for our customers. While we get lots of personal “thank yous” and testimonials, it’s particularly gratifying to be selected as the best mover in our home town of Leavenworth.

Thank you to the Leavenworth Times and to everyone that voted for us, we can’t wait to serve you again soon!


There was some special moving and shaking going on in our warehouse today. That’s because we were once again helping our local Backpack Buddies with a large shipment of much needed supplies. Studdard has been a proud partner for years.

If you’re unfamiliar with all that Backpack Buddies does for kids in Leavenworth – our friend Kim Wilkerson of Haas & Wilkerson wrote a great blog post which you can find here. If you’d like to help out or donate to Backpack Buddies, please send checks to:

Leavenworth Backpack Buddies
PO Box 50
Leavenworth, KS 66048


Some of our competitors operate on the “if you don’t mention it, it won’t happen” principle.

Take damage to your property during your move.

Homeowners who comparison shop have told us, “they never brought that up” when we ask about the valuation (damage coverage) built into a competitor’s bid and usually it’s not enough.

Legally, you get valuation for free as part of your move. But that standard coverage is only 60 cents per pound of goods, regardless of what those goods are.

…A damaged 100-pound antique dining room table, a family heirloom? You’re reimbursed $60.

…A damaged 100-pound cinderblock sofa from college? You’re reimbursed the same $60.

Of course you can buy more valuation — if you know to ask for it. This is one reason our moving bid may look higher than one from another moving company. Which is whyStuddard Moving Group explains your options and works with you to put a true value on your belongings.

One last tip…. be sure to fill out your High Value Inventory Form.  As a reference, ours looks like this.

It’s YOUR move.


Is your boss focused only on the bottom line? (Is the sky blue?)

But the lowest bid for your company’s office relocation is not always the quickest path to your CEO’s heart.

Consider that 1-page bid from Mover X, our rival for your move. Short on details, no specs, but an enticing low-bid final number.

Either Mover X  is so inexperienced he doesn’t know what to include in his charges. Or he’s low-balling your move, knowing that on-the-job change orders will add to his bottom line later.

Either way, surprises–not good ones– await.

Studdard Moving Group’s multi-page bids are detailed, itemized and annotated. We know what it  takes to do your move–we’ve done thousands of them. We avoid surprises. They’re simply not in our DNA.

Our bid may not always be the lowest. But we typically get the job anyway.


Because project managers go to bat for us with their bosses. They know the company’s successful move means they look good after a high-profile project.

It’s YOUR move.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality moves characterized by best-in-class integrity, efficiency, and courtesy so that you're eager to recommend us to others when asked about your moving experience.


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