How to Sort Out the “Bad Guys”

August 21, 2015 Residential

Bad moves are legendary.

Want to scare yourself silly? Google “moving scams” or “rogue movers.”

It’s easier than ever for unlicensed, unscrupulous people to prey on unsuspecting homeowners..

It’s so bad, the moving industry itself created  a consumer assistance service aimed at stopping disreputable and unscrupulous interstate movers.

Just staying put isn’t an answer…you’ve got to move. So, what’s the alternative?

  1. Educate yourself about hiring a mover. Know your Rights and Responsibilities.
  2. Check out our free Guide to Choosing a Quality Mover.
  3. Avoid Internet movers and “move brokers” who don’t have their own warehouse facilities.
  4. Get references before you hire anyone. Contract only with reputable, licensed moving companies, like Studdard Moving Group. (Our customers have relied on us for more than 57 years.)


P.S. Imagine turning over all your savings to your mover, who disappears and won’t answer the phone. It happened in Florida not too long ago.

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