More Than A Pretty Face

September 16, 2015 CommercialNewest

Your Studdard Moving Group professional movers are much more than just pretty faces and big muscles.

Yes, they can easily move a 300-pound copier as well as that box of “priceless” office bowling team trophies.

But the most valuable thing they bring to your office relocation is not physical ability. It’s their knowledge, experience and passion for customer service.

Studdard movers are employees, not just guys off the street I hired for your job. They are background checked and trained to my standards.

As professional Studdard movers they will:

  •     Put Masonite on the floors to protect against damage. (It’s much harder than cardboard other movers use).
    Shrink wrap computers and transport them on heavy-duty carts (a big time-saver, both for the move and for your IT department).
  •     Provide plastic totes to pack files and desk contents (sturdier, eco-friendly and quicker — no breaking down boxes)
  •     Follow your precise directions and the system you’ve devised with us. (Every co-worker  will find his favorite office chair at his new work station Monday morning).
  •     Suggest solutions instead of pointing out problems (Cafeteria tables don’t fit the new space? Our crew will get rid of them now to make room for new furniture.)

It’s YOUR move.

P.S. Every member of your moving team is important.  Click here to ensure you find the right fit.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality moves characterized by best-in-class integrity, efficiency, and courtesy so that you're eager to recommend us to others when asked about your moving experience.


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