One Woman’s Scary “Storage Wars” Tale

August 1, 2015 Residential

Have you seen the TV show, “Storage Wars”? It features people who bid on the contents of public storage units, up for auction because the owners didn’t pay their rent.

Now imagine seeing YOUR stuff on “Storage Wars.”

That was almost the fate of one woman, who paid $12,000 (her entire life savings) to a mover she found on the Internet who was to move her from Orlando, FL, to Kansas City.

The truck with all her belongings never showed up at her new house. When she called the mover’s phone number, a recording informed her the owner was going through a divorce and the business was closed.

After several months of fruitless searching, the woman finally contacted a consumer advocate at a local TV station.

The advocate tracked down the woman’s furniture — at a local storage facility. It was been scheduled to go on the auction block because the storage unit rent hadn’t been paid.

This story has a happy ending. The woman and her possessions were reunited in the nick of time.

Sadly, this woman’s story isn’t unique.

We’re not trying to scare you. We’re educating you to be aware. Rogue movers give our industry a black mark. At Studdard Moving Group stories like this make our blood boil because we’ve have done everything in my power to demonstrate our company’s qualifications, certifications and track record.

Before you are romanced by the cheap moving claims of an Internet mover, get all the facts and a moving estimate from a “real” moving company.

It’s YOUR move.

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