The Secret Expense that Doubles the Cost of an Office Relocation

October 9, 2015CommercialNewest


The Secret Expense that Doubles the Cost of an Office Relocation

October 9, 2015 CommercialNewest

The most expensive thing about your office relocation isn’t what your company pays us to move you.

It’s downtime.

Corporate moving is always, absolutely about time.

Your boss wants to shrink the time between the moment our movers show up and the moment we place the last piece of furniture in your new office so everyone can get back to work.

Every day your company is closed for a move, employees are being paid to stay home.

If a company has 200 employees and the move takes 5 days instead of 3 days, that can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional costs.

But a savvy, organized project manager (that’s you) and an experienced, committed moving company (that’s us) work together to get your business up and running in its new digs on time.

Can Studdard Moving Group make an office move more fun than a party cruise? Sorry. That’s not going to happen.

But, instead of burning in the Caribbean sun, you could be basking in your boss’ and co-workers’ appreciation, thanks to your company’s well-planned and flawlessly executed relo.

It’s YOUR move.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom:

“Difficult projects are easy. Impossible projects are difficult. Miracles are a little trickier.”

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