August 1, 2014 Commercial

Congratulations (or condolences — your choice!)!

You’ve been chosen to lead your company’s upcoming relocation. Everything from that huge copier/printer on the fourth floor to the bowling trophies in the break room. It’s on you to get them safely from point A to point B. Go ahead, take a minute and a deep breath. We’ll wait…we understand. We’ve been there.

Studdard Moving Group, has been moving companies large and small for 50+ years. Your 10-story building chock full of expensive electronics doesn’t intimidate us. We don’t turn up our nose at the 3-desk-in-one custom office, either.

You can’t do this move alone. You need a team, one with the equipment, the manpower — and the know-how — to get your office relocation project completed on time with a minimum of tears (yours).

Request a quote here. Recruit Studdard Moving Group to be part of your team.

It’s YOUR Move.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality moves characterized by best-in-class integrity, efficiency, and courtesy so that you're eager to recommend us to others when asked about your moving experience.


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