Cheap Competition Doesn’t Scare Us

March 1, 2015 Residential

We will tell you upfront: Studdard Moving Group may not your cheapest option. Internet movers underbid us almost every time.

How can they do that? And why are we not concerned?

Most of the Internet movers aren’t even movers — they’re brokers. They don’t have trucks, offices or employees.

They set a price for your move, then they shop the job around to guys with trucks. The guy who says he’ll do the job for the lowest price wins the work. The broker keeps the difference.

Why is this a recipe for disaster?

  1. The broker gets paid no matter what (especially if he already got an upfront deposit from you.)
  2. There’s no accountability. The broker can’t require the movers to do anything, since they don’t work for him.
  3. The guys doing the move may not show up if they get a higher-paying job in the meantime.
  4. Professional training, mover background checks and certifications as well as quality equipment are luxuries that a rock-bottom Internet mover can’t afford.

When you’re shopping for the best deal for your move, look beyond the bid. If things go well, everything is fine. But when things go wrong, what’s your recourse with an internet mover?

It’s YOUR Move.

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