Sneaky Ways Some Movers Increase Weight to Charge You More

April 1, 2015 Residential

Did you know in an interstate move, you have a legal right to be present when you’re loaded moving van is weighed? Though we have yet to have a customer take us up on this right when we make the offer, we still warn our potential clients about some of the sneaky ways unscrupulous movers use to increase their profits. Below, we’ve outlined a few, but you should become aware of all of the potential red flags.

Balloon packing. The agent paid to pack your belongings is paid by the box. So he packs every box three-quarters full. Result: 25% more revenue for him.

Weight bumping: The driver loads the truck, then fuels it before he goes to the weigh station. Now you pay for the 2,100 pounds of fuel in your truck.

Falsified inventory listings. On interstate moves, the mover is required to inventory every item.  That inventory list may help you smell something fishy. For instance, your inventory may be only 8 pages, but the driver says you have a 12,000-pound move. Really? That’s possible, but not very likely. The rule of thumb should be one page per 1,000 lbs.

Know your rights. Ask for a copy of your weight ticket.

It’s YOUR move.

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